2022 Hibernation Share Update

Hibernation Pick Up

Dear Hibernation Share participants,

Although October was a relatively warm month, November has been quite different. The cold weather has been a challenge, however I think everyone participating in this year’s Hibernation share will be pleased with the quality of the produce offered. Our hope is that you and your family enjoy the bountiful harvest during this special season. 

To those of you who are 2022 Fall / Summer CSA participants, we express our heartfelt thanks, and we hope that we have earned your trust for the 2023 season. And to those who this may be your first share, we would appreciate your consideration in the future! Early-bird pricing ends on December 31, 2022. CSA membership is a great gift idea for the 'locavores' on your list this year: give the gift of farm freshness with a 2023 CSA share! See our website for descriptions and pricing.

The greenhouse is bursting at the seams with a beautiful crop of poinsettias, local greens are in-store, and Christmas trees will be here early this week and provides a great opportunity to use that 2022 CSA member discount!

At this holiday season our hearts turn to thankfulness and giving. Although 2022 was another trying year for all, there is still much to be thankful for. I am thankful for the country we live in. Certainly not perfect, but it is still the best on the planet. Our society is greatly divided politically but we are all still Americans. May we somehow remember that, and respect each other and live as God has meant for us to live- with loving kindness and charity.

From Our Farm to Your Family,

Pickup Info
Hibernation pickup is Tuesday, November 22 from 10am-6pm at our garden center located on Indian Rock Dam Road in York, PA.

Share Details
We list the types of items you will likely receive this week.  Due to frequent and last minute changes in harvest, quantities distributed are to be determined on pick up day. Actual share items are subject to change depending upon availability, if necessary.

2022 Hibernation Contents:
Sweet Potatoes
Frozen Sweet Corn
Brussels Sprouts
Honeywheat Rolls
Pumpkin Roll

Storage Tips

Updated 11.18.22

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