Community Supported Agriculture


Registration for Summer CSA 2015 is now Closed. 

Fall Enrollment still open!

Please stop by the farm and inquire within.

Our CSA provides you with a means of purchasing fresh food from your friendly farm family at Miller Plant Farm. Unfortunately, the economics of todays modern food system have evolved into quality-last models involving large "factory" style farms employing many poor practices such as forced ripening and shipping produce large distances to your family's table.

When purchasing produce locally, you can rest assured that your produce is being grown using acceptable techniques you are accustomed to, and being harvested at the optimum time of taste and nutritional value, by people you know and trust.

By making an effort to purchase food locally, you support local agriculture which preserves open space in your community, keeps local family farms viable, and keeps spending power in our local economy.


CSA Share List

Week of June 29

Small Share



Jarred Cucumbers


Green Beans


Full Share



Jar of Cucumbers






We list the types of items you will likely receive each week.  Due to frequent and last minute changes in harvest, quantities distributed are to be determined on pick up day.  Full Share typically receives larger portions of given items than small share.  Actual share items are subject to change depending upon availability, if neccessary.

How it Works

An explanation of how our CSA program works

A CSA is unique in that you as the consumer choose to invest, or share in the farm experience. We offer three options with some additional add-on options in which to choose from. Find details regarding the options below. After selecting the plans that best suits you and your family, please print the registration form and fill out all fields and sign. Include a check to cover the cost of the option(s) and mail to the address given on the registration form. Once we receive payment, you are then enrolled in our CSA!

We will supply you with a re-usable bag with our logo at the time of the first pickup. You are given one bag with the purchase of a CSA option which we encourage you to use throughout the duration of the program for pickups. Pickups will occur on Wednesdays of each week throughout the range of dates for the option that you are enrolled in. Pickup can take place from 10a.m. - 6p.m. All CSA members will receive a share of produce harvested and packed as close to pickup as possible. The weekly shares will be pre-determined by Miller Plant Farm but will be diverisfied week to week to encourage members to sample a wide range of our fresh produce. We strongly encourage members to pickup produce during the specified pickup time. If you can not do so, we will gladly donate your week's share to a local needy family or organization. If you are on vacation, have a friend or family member pick it up to enjoy. If you can not make it on Wednesday one particular week we can arrange for a pickup on Thursday a.m, but you must contact us letting us know ahead of time and it will be the same share prepared the day before. At noon on Thursdays all unclaimed shares will be donated to needy individuals.


Share options available thru our CSA

Full Share - Designed for family of 3-4+ individuals. Best value option.

Small Share - Smaller sized share designed for family of 2.


Complete Season Share

-Runs from June 9th to October 28th.

-Receive a wide variety of farm fresh produce for 21 weeks!

-Full Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Wednesday.

-Small Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Tuesday.


Summer Season Share

-Runs from June 9th to August 27th.

-Receive a wide variety of produce from the summer growing season.

-Full Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Wednesday.

-Small Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Tuesday.


Fall Season Share

-Runs from Sept. 1st to October 28th.

-Receive a wide variety of produce from the autumn growing season.

-Full Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Wednesday.

-Small Share picks produce up at Miller Plant Farm every Tuesday.


CSA pricing plans & payment information



*All CSA payments must be in cash or check form only*

Register between December 1, 2014 and March 14, 2015 for a complete season share and receive a 'best value' discounted rate of $440 for the full share, $270 for the small share!

**Discounted Rate assumes 1 week free.  After March 14 program is set to a face value price.  Must be postmarked by March 14, 2015

Our CSA is designed with the intention of providing participants with a good measure of farm-fresh, high quality produce each week. The weekly share for CSA will be pre-determined by Miller Plant Farm but will be diversified week to week to encourage participants to sample a wide range of our fresh produce. The variables will be largely due to supplies, often influenced by the weather. Our goal is to keep the produce offering continuously changing and encouraging participants to consume and enjoy fresh produce from our farm to your family.

Complete Season (21 weeks)

Full Share - $440 (21 weeks) after March 14 - $462

Small Share - $270 (21 weeks) after March 14 - $283.50


Summer Season (12 weeks)

Full Share - $264

Small Share - $162


Fall Season (9 weeks)

Full Share - $207

Small Share - $126


CSA Add-On Options

These options are an add-on to the produce CSA. You must purchase a share in the produce CSA in order to purchase any of the add-ons.


Fresh Dessert Add-On

The share will change weekly, but the satisfaction will not. Fresh baked pies (with fruit from the season when possible), cakes, cookies, brownies, coffee cakes, sugar cakes, etc., all prepared in our own bakery. Great sweets to compliment the delicious produce offerings from Miller Plant Farm.

Complete Season - $140

Summer Season - $84

Fall Season - $63


Fresh Baked Breads

Several different types of bread will be rotated throughout the duration of the CSA program. All breads baked fresh on site the morning of your pickup.

Complete Season - $110

Summer Season - $66

Fall Season - $49.50


Local Free Range Eggs

These eggs are produced by Weber Brothers and delivered fresh to our farm for the CSA program. One Dozen eggs distributed to participating members each week.

Complete Season - $76.65

Summer Season - $43.80

Fall Season - $32.85


Local Cheese Add-On

Enjoy Swiss, Cheddar, and Farmers cheeses made from some of our Amish friends in the south-eastern part of the county! Our CSA will feature unique blends of cheddar, tasty types of swiss, and a one of a kind farmer’s cheese. All cheese distributed as one 8oz. block every other week, beginning week one.

Complete Season - $63.25

Summer Season - $34.50

Fall Season - $28.75


Fresh Cut Flower Bunch Add-On -- New for 2015!

Add beauty to your weekly share with fresh cut flowers from Miller Plant Farm!  Our flower bunches are comprised of stunning sunflowers, zinnias, celosias, lisianthus, salvia, ageratums, asters and more.  These fresh cut flower bunches will be available starting the week of July 13 and will conclude the week of August 27 (total 7 weeks) .  Perfect for your table, gift giving, and special occasions!

Summer Season Only - $45.50

Common Questions

Some common questions & answers about our CSA

Is Miller Plant Farm an organic producer?
At Miller Plant Farm we go to great lengths to determine the least amount of protectants and ferilizer to apply in order to achieve both the highest quality and an affordable product while staying environmentally friendly. We employ a scout to help us detect potential disease and insect problems. If a situation occurs that warrants action, control measures are taken in a safe and timely manner. In the fall of the year Miller Plant Farm samples the soil in each individual field on the farm where vegetables will be grown. From this test we are able to determine the nutrient needs for a particular crop for the next growing season. The planting of cover crops is also done to help build up the soil and prevent erosion. We work, live, and raise our families on our farm and feed our families with our fresh, delicious produce, as we have for five generations.

How did CSA originate?
It may be unclear just exactly where CSA was started, but many sources point to a group of Japanese women in the '60's who were concerned about careless use of pesticides, processed foods, and diminishing local food sources. These women connected with local food growers that they could trust and the CSA concept was born!

What does a share consist of?

Here are some example shares:

Early Summer

Full Share Small Share
1 bunch spring onions 1 bunch spring onions
1 head lettuce 1 head lettuce
1 head broccoli 1 head broccoli
1 bunch swiss chard 1 bunch kale
1 lb. spinach 1 quart strawberries
3 squash  
1 quart strawberries  



Full Share Small Share
10 ears corn 4 ears of corn
2 eggplant 2 zucchini
2 squash 1 bunch beets
1 watermelon 1 pt yummy or jalapeno peppers
3 tomatoes 1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 pint yummy peppers 1 cantaloupe
1 lb. green beans  
1 quart peaches  



Full Share Small Share
5 lb. sweet potatoes 3 lb. sweet potatoes
6 apples 4 apples
1 broccoli or cauliflower 1 broccoli or cauliflower
2 onions 2 onions
1 bunch carrots 1 bunch carrots
2 butternut squash 4 ears of corn
6 ears of corn  
1 bunch of kale  


When and Where do I pickup my share?
Shares should be picked up between 10a.m. and 6p.m. on Wednesdays at
Miller Plant Farm
430 Indian Rock Dam Road
York, PA 17403

What if I am on vacation?
Please make arrangements to have a family member or friend pick up your share. If you would like we would be happy to donate shares for you to a local needy family.

What if I can not make it on the pick up day?
We strongly urge members to pick up on Wednesday, but if that is simply not possible one week you may pick up Thursday morning as long as you contact us ahead of time. The share will be the same that was prepared for you on Wednesday due to labor and time involved in packing CSA shares. At noon on Thursday all unclaimed shares will be donated with no exceptions.

How do I join?
Please print the membership form and contract from this page. Fill out ALL fields legibely, include payment for total of all shares purchased and mail to:

Miller Plant Farm
ATTN CSA Program
430 Indian Rock Dam Road
York, PA 17403

You may also drop payment off at the store during business hours in March when we re-open for 2015. Physical Address: 430 Indian Rock Dam Road, York, PA 17403.

Registration Deadline March 14th, 2015

Produce Schedule

Our CSA produce schedule

Produce Schedule: Below is the range of product availability. This list is not in alphabetical order, rather chronological order. Availability subject to weather and natural forces.

Asparagus April - June
Spring Onions April - June
Rhubarb April - June
Strawberries May - June
Spring Peas May - June
Lettuce May - June & October
Spinach April - June & October
Broccoli June & October
Cabbage June & October
Cauliflower June & October
Squash June - September
Cucumbers June - September
Zucchini June - September
Beets June - October
Raspberry June - July
Carrots June - July
Cherries June - July
Candy Onions July - September
Eggplant July - September
Leeks September - October
Lima Beans July - October
Green Beans July - October
String Beans July - October
Tomatoes July - October
Heirloom Tomatoes July - October
Specialty Tomatoes July - October
Peaches July - September
Cantaloupes July - September
Specialty Melons July - September
Sweet Bell Pepper July - October
Hot Banana Pepper July - October
Sweet Banana Pepper June - October
Sweet Corn July - October
Jalapeño Peppers July - October
Watermelon August - September
Apples August - November
Pears August - October
Sweet Potatoes August - October
Pumpkins September - October
Decorative Gourds September - October
Kale October
Collards October
Turnip October
Spaghetti Squash September - October
Winter Squash September - October
Brussel Sprouts October - November